2 Most Important Aspects of Customer Loyalty

Sales and Product Pricing 

It seems silly to have to say, “customer loyalty is not a given, no matter how long they have shopped with you.” Some people need to hear this. Far too often, companies throw out the same products and sales with different marketing thinking that their customers are all of a sudden going to buy products they can’t sell.

The general consumer is not stupid, so don’t treat them like they are. Give them a reason to keep coming back. For brands that have many sales, you need to give them a reason to buy when there isn’t a sale. Putting items on sale repeatedly to mark them back up is not a way to get people to think your things are worth more than the discounted price. This will cause extreme spikes and dips in your analytics and sales. Get them to trust that the items that are marked down are not worth more, and the items that are higher in price are special when they are marked down. Either you will do it or another retailer will. 


If you are a successful business, you will continuously be reviewed. Although frustrating at times, this is a good thing. Making sure you respond to every review is essential for customer retention. The majority of your customers expect to be responded to after giving a review, but 63% of people claim they have never been responded to by brands. Why is this important? 94% of consumers have not bought a product or worked with a company based on a bad review they read. How those two connect is that 7 out of 10 consumers have changed their view of a company based on the review’s response. It is proven to boost sales, keep current customers, and gain new customers when you respond to reviews online, good or bad.

These are two simple habits that, as a business, you can build, but are tough habits to break when practicing in the wrong way. Your customers want to be treated with respect and like you care what they think. 

CLICK HERE for some great statistics on customer reviews.

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